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Shoulder pain

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  • Petra

  • 19-09-2019 15:37

  • Afgerond

  • 19-09-2019 15:37Katalin


    Dear Clinic,

    I would like to ask about the prices, and what are icluded in a normal physiotherapy session. I have problem with my neck and lower back, mainly the nerves are pushed by the tough muscles around them. Do you think you have any remediation against it?

  • 19-09-2019 16:41Petra

    Dear Katalin,

    Thank you for your interest in Yorbody Fysiotherapie.

    If you are insured for physiotherapy, your health insurer will reimburse your treatments. You can always call your health care provider (customer service department). They will be happy to talk to you about this.If you are not insured for physiotherapy, you will find our prices here: https://yorbodyfysiotherapie.nl/klantenservice/tarieven/.

    You better can contact a physiotherapy practice that you would like to visit to ask what exactly you can expect when you receive treatment. You can find our practice here: www.yorbodyfysiotherapie.nl/praktijk.

    Furthermore, it is very difficult to give an diagose by the chat without being 'seen'.

    I hope to have answered your questions with this.

    Kind regards from Petra

    Yorbody Administrations